Pierre & Co Invests in New Bedford Startup

While laying the groundwork for an Opportunity Zone Fund in downtown New Bedford, I met the founders of Know Seafood, which aspires to set the standard in e-commerce “boat-to-doorstep” seafood.  Dan McQuade and Paul Neves possess the industry experience, inspired work ethic, innovation, and technology to build an exceptional company. 

PierreCo’s investment in Know Seafood does not currently qualify for the Opportunity Zone Fund, but we are nonetheless thrilled to partner with them. Know Seafood has signed exclusive deals with worldwide fisheries that use sustainable and ocean-friendly practices.  Blockchain technology will ensure quality and transparency.  Delicious salmon, scallops, lobster tails and more will be packaged and shipped from a newly constructed facility on New Bedford’s waterfront  to your kitchen.    

Learn more and view Know Seafood’s website here.

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